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Mobility is changing the way we work, live and learn. Today more than half of large business provide tablets to their employees because they are an efficient and cost effective tool for selling, education and training.

Patient Education

A mobile app is a dynamic and engaging tool that doctors can use with patients to explain health conditions and new viable treatment options.  (Shown here: Top: Ostroarthritis Education App for Monovisc® developed for Anika Therapeutics. Bottom: CERAMENT™ App for BONE SUPPORT)

Reimbursement/ROI Calculators

Time is money and nothing communicates the financial vaule proposition of your product like a touch screen calculator. (Shown here: A Sinus Surgery Reimbursement Calculator developed for Acclarent, a Johnson and Johnson Company.)

Employee Benefit Guide

Rather than burying employees in a mountain of paperwork, health benefits and employee handbooks can be consolidated into a user-friendly app. (Shown here: An employee Benefit Information Guide (BIG) app developed for Barney & Barney)

What's Next?

Hosting an event, going on vacation, or attending a conference QLUMI gets you there, shows you what you need as you travel, and keeps in touch with family and friends en route.

Create Connections

Mobile apps can support community segments and serve as an information portal and important referral and recruiting tool. (Shown here: An audition posting resource for actors, developed for Actor Genie).

Got Snow?

Mobile apps can support community segments (Ski Clubs) and serve as a picture sharing social app and an information portal. (Shown here: The Hunt Hollow Ski App).

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